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By JeanGrey, Mason City, IA


Alek ran through the square at top speed. He dodged the people and bikes, darted between cars, and dashed down alleyways hoping he would lose her in the bustle of the crowd. Finally, out of breath he squeezed into a small hole in a door behind a few trashcans, breathing heavily and wishing she had lost sight of him. He heard her feet slapping against the pavement as she ran into the alley in which he had hid. He then heard silence as she stopped, inspecting the gloom before her, hunting for him.

“Alek,” She called. She sounded just as winded as he was, and livid. “I know you stole it. I want it back!” Alek held his breath, pleading with the gods that she would look past him. His heart was pounding so loudly that he was sure she would find him despite the gloom of the alley and the noises of New York.

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