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A Literary story pertaining to lobsters, psychology, and Cthulu

By Davidson, Littleton, CO

The universe, as it is commonly interpreted, is a wonderfully, amazingly mundane place, simply due to the fact, that in an infinite universe there are infinite mind-blowing life forms, laws, and planets, that soon, it begins to dwell on you; it’s all the same. A planet made of pure screwdrivers? Got it. A life form that eats its own brain in an attempt to gain infinite knowledge? There’s at least twelve of those. A law that make the punishment for suicide death? You should know about that one. In fact, perhaps only one story in this universe is interesting enough to warrant a narrative. It is the story of a man, a monster, and a tribe of people who worship lobsters.

On the costal shore of a beach lies a now decrepit shipwreck, bearing a plaque engraved with the phrase “Let the lobster carry us home.” The “us” in question is two men, one of whom is known as Steve Davidson, previous admiral of the heavily cliché space navy, he is a six foot tall, carbon based, ape descended life form from the planet earth, who crashed on this planet and took up residence in a local lobster worshipping tribe on the planet Zome after an incident involving one of his coworkers, Johnson.

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