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The power of words.

By clairemaims, athens, GA

Your such a RETARD your so STUPID whats wrong with you RETARD,IDIOT.You may of heard these words around your school,around the city,store or any other place.You yourself may have used this word.All my life I have helped kids with severe disabilities.These kids were passion most of them could not tie their shoe or read a simple sentence at the age of 18 but one thing they all had were feelings.The smallest would bring joy to their eyes,spinning around brought laughter to their faces or sitting on the ground blowing bubbles would just make their days.But they also had feelings of sadness they would be sad when something is canceled or they broke their favorite toy.They had the feeling of anger.Anger when they just could not seem to tell you tell you what they wanted or anger when they fall or when WORDS are used against them.

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