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Juarez at War

By aladjuarez, Mission, KS

Cars slowly driving on the streets, strays foraging in alleys, and crickets chirping in the night are the only faint noises I hear, but suddenly that calm, still, but normal quietness is interrupted by the sound of gunfire. Oh how I dread that noise, every time I hear it I know that yet another innocent life has been taken. Of course by now that noise and action is quite routine and common around here ever since the drug cartel war began here in Juarez. Many of the members of the drug gangs have been accused and captured but the prime leader known as “J.J.J.” is still nowhere to be found. That is where I step in, my name is Detective Rafael Alvarez I am 26 years old and of Mexican blood. I am in search of “J.J.J.” leader of the main drug cartel here in my hometown Cd. Juarez. So far I have only been able to investigate the murders and the clues left by the drug gang.

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