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the way the cookie crumbles

By jeanines, stony point, NY

I have come to realize something only just yesterday. After my life entered a new turning point. You see for almost more than a year now I left behind my faith in god, I questioned his existence and even cursed his very name on many occasions. But yesterday I came to terms with something with the help of my father. He told us stories of his childhood and I noticed how terrifying it was for him. How much pain he has been given his whole life but yet finds the good in people. And I asked him a question, “how is it you still believe in god after all the troubles he has out you through?” And he said, “Life has many obstacles and god is only testing you but he will only have a greater outcome for you in the future.”
And so it finally clicked that maybe he wasn’t punishing me for my agony I have been holding to myself for so long.

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