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Struggling For A Balance

By rebecca22, franklin, GA

I’ve never truly excelled in sports; I was alright, but never the star player everyone cheered. I was “the smart girl,” not to be confused with the MVP. But since I attend a small private school, where no one gets cut off of a team at tryouts and players are scarce to be found, I’ve always played tennis. And of course, I wasn’t the best or the worst; I just had fun and filled the necessary number requirement. However, this year, my sophomore year in high school, the girl’s soccer team was desperate for more players. I had continually contemplated joining the soccer team, but the extra running and coordination needed in the sport always drove me away. However, this year was different, and I decided to juggle the two sports in the one season. I mustered up the courage, joined the soccer team, and was surprisingly having more fun than when I was playing tennis, but I had no idea what was to come.

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