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The walk up the road

By spiritchild, London, United Kingdom

Start as a group of 6. Two already known to have displeasure for your company.
Masking that sense of insecurity you paint the picture of enjoyment and thrill to be at your current destination with the current company-thanks M, I owe you.
Their perfumed boozy breath fills your head. You can taste their drunken state.
On their realization of exactly who this new addition to the party is, a few of them start to stare. One by one they walk off ahead and whisper, all the while staring back and pointing.

You become possessed as you fling your limbs back and forth, swinging like a demonic pendulum, in a desperate attempt to grab onto the arms of any one surrounding, searching for that comfort and support-to no avail.

Quickly left at the bottom of a dark street-alone-looking up at the endless road stretching out before you, dreading that inevitable walk to the top where they stand, waiting.

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