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Cloudy Days

April 7, 2010

By Lost_and_Insecure, Monroe, WI

The thunder rolled again, making the entire coven jump as one. The leader, Nikolis, raised a pale hand to his lips and sniffed at the faintness of the wine; his brothers, Jakobi and Ricardo, watching him silently.

"So, Nikolis, since we are in the midst of war, how are we to bring the dogs we go against down?" Jakobi asked, flicking his hand as a female servant came and knelt at his feet with another wine bowl.

Nikolis sighed, waving his female servant away, "I am thinking, Jakobi. Ricardo, what do you think?"

Ricardo, ever the silent one, finally answered, "I think..that we should surprise them."

Nikolis and Jakobi looked him, then back to the commander who had just come in with two men behind him, dragging a small blonde girl between them.

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