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Time Heals?

By Brooklynn, Lake Villa, IL

Time heals everything. Whoever said this must have never been in love… Because time doesn’t always heel everything, they must have been talking about a bruise or a scab. But not a broken heart, because it’s been 2 months. No communication what so ever, barely any eye contact, but still I feel what I felt 2 months ago, love. How can one even try to describe the word, love? We get this picture in our head that love is this incredible thing. Movies, books, T.V. shows, they all portray love as this amazing sensation. They expose that love, will never let you down. Or that love will always take over. And even if you don’t see each other for a decade, when you link eyes, you both will run to each other with happiness and hope and strength. When really this isn’t the case, all these things make us believe that the one we love will never let us down, when in reality, they most likely do.

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