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Forrbidden Blood Part 2

By Violinist, Chandler, AZ

Not one noise stirred in the house as I crept through the shadows of the night. A burglar was looting the home of Jessica and her parents. This was eleven years ago, when Jessica was only nineteen, the same age as me. "Ha ha haaa." The thief let out a hardy chuckle at his findings. "You shouldn't steal." I interrupted his quest. The burglar faced me. I couldn't see his face but I stared at his wicked soul. He pulled out his shiny gold plated revolver. He most likely stole that. "Look lady," I wasted no time on the attack. My hand covered his mouth as my fangs dug into his neck. [crack] I snap his neck to complete the job. The noise of footsteps enter my ears. It was not those of an adults'. I turned around to find a young girl glaring at me. She stood in the moonlight. Blood slowly dripped off of my chin.

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