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Silence ( Lady Macbeth's Death)

By kikigirl101, Somewhere in, CT

Here I sit,
Alone with nothing but the eerie silence,
And bright white walls to keep me company.
But soon the silence stops roaring in my ears
And I succumb to my thoughts.
The white walls only echoing what my thoughts have to say,
thoughts I should never be left alone with.
The memories trickle in, a drop at a time, like a leaky faucet.
Soon they fill me to the brim with unwanted feelings,
My heart pounds in my chest in remembrance of the thoughts,
Faster and faster until it drowns out my thoughts.
And then there is silence yet again…
And for a brief second I am happy.
But then in the distance I hear the hissing of one of the voices,
And it all comes back, every thought and memory invading my mind.

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