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I Wish I Knew Me

By Seinn, Pottstown, PA

As I sit here in the bath, contemplating everything from the cool sound it makes when I clap my hand on my stomach with water in between to if the war on terror will ever end, I start to think of you.

Saying “I love you” is far too easy for me to say, and that is scary. It makes me question my character, my honesty, my feelings. Although I would like to say I came to the conclusion that my feelings are romantic, I cannot admit that with honesty. This is not because you are not a wonderful, sincere, creative, and benevolent person, because I know you are. It is because of a reason that medical science has yet to determine. Perhaps its genetics, perhaps it’s simply fate. I question and push my feeling do to no fault of your own. The simple fact is: you are male. And while the majority of the female population would appreciate this trait, I am lost in doubt.

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