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Nudge's Hair Drama--A Maximum Ride Spinoff

April 20, 2010

By EllaMcFarley, Madison, WI

Fang. Fang. Fang. All I could think about was him, my mind was all fuzzy and... I heard a small thud. Probably just Gazzy falling off the couch or something... Back to Fang, the guy who made my heart melt, made me feel like I was a girl in one of those cheesy romances, swept off her feet by the avian bird-kid of her dreams. If Angel was to burst into the room at this very moment, I probably wouldn't notice. Well, more like I would just ignore her. I did that a lot, but she seemed to be doing that a lot more often these days...heck, she deserved it.

I spoke too soon. Damn, why does that child have to read my mind? I could hear Angel fumbling with the doorknob, finding out that it was locked, and then deciding on kicking the door down.

'Damn you, child,' I thought.

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