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teens need their privacy

April 12, 2010

By Marisol D., bronx, NY

Dear parents,

Teens need their privacy!!

Teens want to be an independent person, they want space to breathe, and they want privacy! Parents you need to pop the bubble, cut the cord, their grown up already. Pretty soon they would be leaving the house. Some parents might say my kid always daydream, how am I, as a parent suppose to send him/her out into the world. Well let me tell you, teens daydream to get away. They might have very little privacy or none at all, so daydreaming is like their ticket to getting away from the world.

I have to admit kids get a little greedy with their freedom (I’ve been there and not going back) but not all kids are like that, but if some are they would learn from it and grow.

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