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“The Second Floor”

By Taylor P., Brooklyn, NY

Gabriel Thomas was excited. Today was the day! He and his best friend Eric were going to hit the open road just the two of them. Drive their motorcycles to places they hadn’t been before. Drive like they used when they were in college. Gabe looked in the mirror at himself. He put on his old aviator sunglasses. His straight brown hair fell gently across the top of the sunglasses. Okay, so he wasn’t the same body type that he was in college. He had only put on a few pounds. It didn’t matter today. He was still hitting that open road he so longed to meet. He pulled on an old band shirt and whipped on his old leather jacket.
Oh yeah. Gabe said to his mirror.

Gabe grabbed his bag and threw it on his motorcycle and hopped on. He started it up. The vibrations from the bike made his hands jiggle.

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