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Could this law be anymore criminal?

By jacked_up_sharpie, fort worth, TX

I watch the news at 6 pm. They have the camera pointed to a group of people, yelling. With mouth open, yelling harsh names. I feel sick to my stomach. To watch human beings, people who are suppose to have a heart and brain,be so cruel.
My eyes travel to my mother that is trying to stand up to my lazy uncle. He's laying on the couch, as always. Lazily, he sits up, as if that makes him any more human. Before my mother can even get a fit words out, he screams out his opinion. Getting louder and louder, and my mother standing her guard. She's not letting him win. Not this argument.
Arizona has issues the law that if you look illegal, then the police are allowed to search you. My mother is getting deported in a month. I've been calm throughout all this. The eight months of fighting the law, of getting ready for the worst, and degrading goodbye.

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@Despereaux1 My parents have to show papers when they drive over the speed limit. Just the same as everyone else.
Jul. 13, 2016 at 8:28 AM • Report