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The Broken Rituals Part I

By writer-in-pearls, San Diego, CA

Brand New Day
Alice scanned the sprawling, clean campus. She didn’t fit in, that much she knew. Everyone looked like they belonged in one of the glossy magazines that Grace had given her, not at all like anyone she had ever met before. She wondered if she would eventually fit in, if she would stay with the Sterlings long enough to assimilate into a new identity. She glanced at her watch, realizing that she had another ten minutes before first period would start. She decided anything was better than standing, watching the world but not being part of it, and decided to find room 16 C.
The classroom was in a tall, brick building with long marble hallways. When she entered, there was only one other person there, sitting in a chair by the window. She sat down in the back, hoping to remain unnoticed, but the boy in the front approached her.

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