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May 5, 2010

By .Escape.From.This.Afterlife., Short Hills, NJ

Maybe it’s true that there are some things better off unknown to us, small things that could have a massive impact on the person to whom it is revealed. “Ignorance is bliss”, Thomas Gray couldn’t have put it any better. Since the night of the fair, I’ve been plagued with gruesome nightmares, and there’s been one haunting thought lurking in my mind that I just can’t keep out, hard as I try. But perhaps things would be different, had this remained a total secret. I can't see how, but that little flicker of hope seems to keep the horrors at bay... for just a little while, anyway. Nevertheless, I wish I didn’t know what I know.
“Remember,” My dad’s harsh, low tone rang in my ears. Your typical 14 year old would ignore their paranoid parent, shrugging off their overprotective concerns like a heavy jacket on a warm day.

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