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Best Friend

By shaniab, Hawthorne, CA

Do you love me? Her fingers so wet from the water comming from her brown eyes. She's staring at her phone for the replying text. Her room so dark, so no one can see her cry. She has her night light television and anything attracting her attention in the dark off. Her music is playing through her ear phones loudly to her brain, so it's hard for her to even think. After ten minutes she sits and she prays. Prayer after prayer to ask God the numerous questions about LOVE. She was only fifteen and was in love so bad she could roll herself into a ball and sleep in her boyfriends' heart. She grabs her diary and wrote herself to sleep. Waking up in the middle of the night she sees she has an unread message. It read "Yes I love you." Her heart trembled with happiness. She was so happy that she had found love.

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