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The Harm of Milk

By Christy, Arden Hills, MN

Milk is one of the most popular beverages in the United States. Our doctors tell us to drink it, our schools tell us to drink it, and our parents tell us to drink it, but, is it really good for us? Think again.

Scientific studies have found that, against popular belief, drinking milk may do more harm to our bodies than good. Milk has proven to contribute to obesity, calcium definiency, allergies, heart disease, cancer and other health ailments. It’s also been proven that in the U.S., over 51% of individuals with non-European ancestry are lactose intolerant. So why do we drink it? Because we think its good for us. Unfortunately, dairy products can cause many health problems. They can impair a child’s ability to absorb iron and can even cause subtle blood loss from the digestive tract.

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