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By MayaChristine, Stocksfield, United Kingdom

The tall one walks back and forth, back and forth, scrutinising. Always scrutinising. Doesn’t she have anything better to do? Of course not, this is her job. To look, to read people’s minds like a book. People aren’t books, but that doesn’t matter to her.
Back and forth, back and forth. Click Clack, click clack, go her heels. How can someone like her wear heels? Someone so devoid of emotion, someone so...bland.
The second house always said “Don’t judge people.” They were religious, but they weren’t very good Christians. Christians are supposed to help people, aren’t they? See the problem, pray a bit, fix the problem. They preferred to pretend the problem didn’t exist.
How could they do that? How could they pretend the problem didn’t exist? I was the problem.

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