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Born of Broken Men

By EricaLynnMarie, Centerton, AR

We are all born of broken me; derived from either the joys or mistakes of man. Born for the rebirth, or the new generation of mankind, ‘built’ to continue in this world what was started centuries ago. We start from nothing and grow into person who, believes as his fathers before him did, that in order to have a good future, you must carve your past into your future. Its deliberate, we all believe that who we are today is because of what we’ve past learned, yet at the same time, this is completely involuntary. With all of man, this becomes a sequence, and when we get drawn to a pattern it equips us; giving us everything we need in order to live a ‘successful’ life—we break. We lose our morals and everything we believed in, because we found an easier way around life; a back way. We get accustomed to this same alteration and we lose ourselves.

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