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The past me and the future me

By littleleyah, ozona, TX

“Class, this is Isabelle Vargas,” my second period teacher Mr. Harison said. She looked gorgeous actually she looked a lot like me! He hair was light brown and wavy like she had just gotten out of the ocean. Her skin was a beautiful tanned color. And wow! Her eyes were a trancsluccent green with yellow specks. “Hola,” she said in a sexy smooth voice.

“Miss Vargas is from Spain she just moved here 3 days ago,” I looked closer at her she looked well she looked ancient despite her very chic fashonita-ish clothes. Huh? I thought to myself. I felt as if I knew her almost as if we were sharing the same thoughts.

“Class why don’t you introduce yourselves?” We all told isabelle our name and then when it was my turn a strange look crossed her face as if she had just found a pot-o’-gold at the end of a rainbow.

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