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June 3, 2010

By i_am_nobody, Belgrade, MT

I become aware of the sound of tires screeching to a stop.
I’m cold even thorough it’s the middle of June.
Vague images shoot through my mind, reminding me. It’s my nineteenth birthday party; or at least it was. I was staying with my boyfriend because I have no parents. He told me he was taking me too a club to celebrate. We didn’t get there. He took me to a motel instead. I fought and ran; barely escaping.
Legs are walking towards me. Why are they sideways? I am lying on a metal bench, that’s why.
The legs get closer. I freak. Has Brian come looking for me?
A hand softly brushes me bare shoulder. The hand is warm and gentle. Not Brian. I relax, a little at least. “Miss?” asks the voice. It’s male. “Are you okay?”
No, I am not okay! My brain screams. “I’m cold,” I mumble.

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