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Wishes We Never Meant to Take

June 3, 2010

By ArtInBlackandWhite, Oxford, PA

The word hangs on my tongue, tasting like vinegar. I wish I had water to wash down the rancid feeling in my mouth.
“I guess you’ve won, haven’t you?” you whisper, smiling. “But you don’t know….”I don’t understand the rest of your words.
And you walk away, leaving me there. “I’m not coming after you!” I want to shout, just to make you come back. But I don’t, because the vinegar is gluing my mouth shut. You keep walking; father’s perfect child; your fragile body swaying to the breeze just like you’ve always walked. Perfectly perfect.
Perfectly perfect hair, perfectly perfect smile…perfectly perfect tears falling from your perfectly perfect eyes, breaking your perfectly perfect heart.

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