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Forrbidden Blood Part 3

By Violinist, Chandler, AZ

I suddenly sit up on the couch, breathing incredibly deep. “Hey hey,” Jessica forced me to lie back down. “Calm down.” I caught my breath in the net of reality. Every time I blinked, the image of a young man showed themself on my eyelids. He had short, slicked back hair , dark hazel skin, and light green eyes. I felt the side of my stomach. Stitches lined up from the beginning of my bellybutton to the a little bit underneath my right breast. “We had to take you to the hospital.” Jessica explained. “ I don’t know what happened to me. Can’t remember very well but I dreamt of when I saved you from the vampires and a man.” I said. “What man?” Jessica knelt beside the couch. “I...don’t know.” I answered. “Well okay,” She rubbed my arm in comfort. “You should go take a shower and get dressed. We have to go back to the hospital.

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