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Blood Trails

By dragoonofsalvation, Cherry Hill, NJ


The duster exploded, as a dropping figure crashed to the floor, close to it, wrapped in a parachute. The young boy slashed through the thick fibers, and wiggled out of the cocoon-like wrapper. After putting his knife away, he dusted himself of. His BDUs were not like the standard red body armor of the temple soldiers, and even mystic’s army had purple BDUs. But his army wore Green BDUs, only he and a couple of others wore the “green glass” hooded sweatshirts. Dragoonofsalvation, a first lieutenant, was 16, pretty young to be in an army, never mind high ranking, but he had been chosen, by Templeoflite, Mystic, to lead his own army.

Kaleb was the boy’s name. Well fit, thin, and strong, he was very tall for his age.

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