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By treeclimber, Los Angeles, CA

Chapter 3
I woke up with my mom’s voice echoing in my head and her. No (sorry) it is my hairclip dragging against the window, creating a squeal rather like my mom’s speech. I pulled my head of the icy glass and discovered one of my eyes was covered with a layer of blood. I knocked it off with practice and pain. I licked my dry lips and watched morning come through the train window. Pink and gold clouds faded from sight as the sun poked his head cheekily above the endless horizon. Farms with enormous creatures eating grass hurried past my warming window. I heard an early bird called out for its mate and sang its song to the world. Wait a sec, I’m on a train! I am so slow.
“Corny School an’ station. Any off ’ere?” a bloke poked his head in and woke up my dozing brothers.
Mark was first to recover from the loud voice, “Come on, lads.

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