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Should Rapists be Released from Prison?

By Inherinerd, ashland, OH

A young girl walks by herself, maybe accompanied by a friend or two, chatting as they walk to the movies. The girl thinks she might hear the slightest of footsteps behind them, but brushes the idea off as being over imaginative. Suddenly though, she is attacked by a man she does not even know. Struggling is useless, and she is held down, raped and either murdered or left for dead. Somewhere else, there is a girl cowering in her room, a place that should have been a safe and welcoming haven when she hears the door creak open. She begins to tremble because she knows what's coming. She knows that it is her father, coming for his daily dose of rape and abuse. As the man inches forward she suppresses the tears fighting to run down her cheeks. She cannot yell out in terror, cry quietly, or even whimper. She cannot let anyone hear.

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