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MoonChild ~Chapter 1~

By NeverFallTooHard, Hartford, WI

“Bye Joseph!” I said, slamming the door on his brand new Mitsubishi. He smiled, waved back and drove away. I waved back, still smiling. We had fun over the last week, but I just didn’t feel that click that you are supposed to feel. I walked down the short, poorly cemented square sidewalk leading to my house. It was small, white, and partially run-down. I reached the un-matching door and pulled out the spare key that we kept in the plant on the right.
I opened the door as quietly as possible (It squeaked- I had to remind Quil to oil the hinges on that thing) and closed it even quieter. I looked at the wall (white will stains of brown, yellow and green crayon) and to the family pictures. One from when I was too young to remember, was of Quil laughing in a chair with poorly applies make-up on this face and me and my friends dancing around him.

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