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Finding Power Without Power

By Zzzie, North Canton, OH

I was lying on the pullout couch in my basement under a pile of blankets. Outside, the sky was pitch black. The wind was howling, winds up to 70 miles per hour from a Gulf hurricane that hit all the way in Ohio. The whole house shook with each clap of thunder. It seemed like the storm would go on forever. Then, right before I fell asleep, there was a clap of the loudest thunder you could ever hear, and the lights all went out. I could see nothing.

We still didn’t have power in the morning. Because my parents work at high schools, the sun isn’t raised yet when we get up in the morning. I remember very well how hard it was getting dressed with a flashlight. I couldn’t really see whet I was doing, so I was lucky that I put my pants on the right way that morning. As I got dressed, I wondered if we would go to Sixth Grade Camp.

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