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When One Door Opens... [Chapter 2]

By Savvy_, Houston, TX

I don’t know how I managed to seem so calm and collected with Cedric last Saturday, especially when I pulled him down for a kiss. Right now, I’m having so many thoughts that just prove I’m a nervous wreck. He admitted he was drinking at the party, so maybe everything he said was just a lie. For example, he said I had a lot going for me. Hah, yeah right. Jessica was every guy’s wish at Parker High School. Why did he want me?

As I’m placing my books into my locker, I hear Jessica and her friends snicker about me. They’re only a few lockers down, staring at me with piercing eyes. I want to go up to her and just tell her that I didn’t do all this on purpose, but she’d never understand. I don’t even think I’d have the guts to do it.

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