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The Wind's Whisper

May 30, 2010

By riley..., Yakima, WA

Remember those days and weeks
Where snowflakes kissed so gently your cheeks,
And the world stopped hurling, if only for a moment,
And stared in awe of your angel-inspired tint.

Remember the nights in the fields so chilled,
Our stomaches and hearts hot cocoa-filled.
We laughed until the yule-tide commenced,
And then we laughed some more despite our parents.

We sung of joy, and actually felt it;
Cold or clear nights couldn't condemn our spirit!
The snow almost came only to show you off,
Proclaiming your grace in the wind's whisper so soft.

Now oh so quickly the wind stole you away,
And I search for those solstices day after day;
Never to find them, only to look
For the priceless gift that the wind's whisper took.


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