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Finding Our Way

By Zzzie, North Canton, OH

Thank you for reading this. Before I start this story I want to say please forgive any spelling mistakes. The main chartered in this story is a heavily pregnant she-cat who's name is Sara. She has golden brown fur and amber eyes. Sara's mate, Aren, is badly hurt. He has light gray fur and light blue eyes.

Part One - Sara
I awoke to a pink sky. Dawn was here. Hunger yowled in my belly. I was tired no matter how much sleep I managed to get. But however many pains I felt, I knew my mate, Aren, was worse. I stared licking his gray fur, which was covered in dry blood, as I thought to myself, "How could life turn so wrong, so fast?"
If someone asked me a few days ago how my life was, I would have said it could never get better. I wasn't as hungry, well, hungry for leaf-bear I should say, Aren wasn't hurt, and I knew my kits would have a safe home when they come.

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