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Nighttime Discord This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.

By charlottegirl, Charlotte, NC

Are sleepless nights the key to my mysterious muse? Sleepless nights consume me, dreams floating in my head, a premonition to the sleep I know must come. Beginning as a simple diversion, I am swept away to a frustrating land of distractions. A single thought can trigger a domino effect that catapults me away from the dreariness I, seconds before, could not shake off. My mattress is a cloud in another world, lifting away my ability to control my mind.

First come the conversations with myself about people and current situations. But ever so slowly, I creep away from the present and evaluate my past, like a historian discussing the prime details in significant events of my life. It is a Socratic seminar of my innermost emotions and traits, each playing a student in its own part, analyzing every movement in my memory.

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