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fantasy over reality

By poetic_natural, Jefferson, WI

I believe that anything can happen, one door closes, and another one opens.someone falls in love, and someone else gets their heart broken. Relationships fall to pieces so new ones can be built. People get hurt, so others can get filled with guilt. A fire only burns so long, because we run out of fuel to give it. We bring out the worst in others, because we're insecure but won't admit it. We lie to cover up the truth, and we act like we know it all, when we honestly don't have a clue. We push people aside, because we're afraid to stand out. But we do everything we can just to fit in, pretending to be friends with people we don't even care about. We try to hold onto someone we love even though they've turned their backs, and we make up fantasies in our heads, because we don't wanna face the facts. we cover up things that we don't wanna hear, and we run away when we can't face our fears.

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