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Not Smart, Brillant

By Zzzie, North Canton, OH

Everyone has had a good idea and not the chance to share it at some point in their life. Everyone has felt the frustration of seeing something that could be done better, but not able to do anything about it. That’s my life. I’m smart. Really smart. So smart that since fifth grade I have been ordered by the government not to answer questions in class, suggest ideas, or work with anyone. The government passed Fairness to All, a series of laws that includes no student can feel left out, stupid, or not able to achieve because he or she can’t answer a question right, way before I was born. They’re used to it, but I’m in tenth grade now and still burst out information when I shouldn’t, multiple times a week.

The rest of my class was doing a lab in science about the why hover cars defy gravity while I was sitting out in the back of the room.

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