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A Memorable First Day

June 27, 2010

By ayaman, Tenafly, NJ

Oliver Tomson sat on his doorstep awaiting Dad’s arrival. His evening shift at the corkboard factory ended at 7:05 every morning. Oliver waited for him at precisely 7:13 on the front porch so he could greet him before he went out to the playground to meet with his best friend, Gordon. Today was the same as always. Just as he expected, Dad was two minutes late. It was Tuesday, which meant he would pick up the paper from the store in town on his way home. It was of no concern for Oliver. An extra couple minutes was fine.

William Tomson had a sturdy figure. His shoulders were broad and his muscular build only made his full six and a half feet more intimidating. He sported a bit of grey scruff in an attempt to cover the burn scars on his left cheekbone. His piercing stare brought a sense of guilt to many.

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