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You wouldn't expect

June 16, 2010

By Egyptiangirl13, Kansas City, MO

You wouldn’t expect a car to run, without any gas,
Or a basketball team to win the game without a single pass.
You wouldn’t expect a kid to play without any food,
Or a teenager to talk to their parents without attitude.
You wouldn’t expect a runner to run without his shoes,
Or to have a dozen cows and not hear any moos.
You wouldn’t expect a clock to tell time without any hands,
Or to be a snotty princess and not have any demands.
You wouldn't expect a musician to not know the scale,
Or for an albino to be tan and not pale.
You wouldn’t expect a baby to go through life without crying,
Or for a bored student to sit through a lecture without sighing.
You wouldn’t expect a dancer to perform without her glitter,

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