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Pretty Little Liars

By Anonymous, Coatesville, PA

While Sara Shepard's books, the Pretty Little Lair series, was both jaw dropping, filled with details, and a very suspenseful book, the TV show lacked to incorporate many of the key details the books did. For instance, one of the main characters Emily, is a strawberry blond competitive swimmer, and therefore has a tint of green in her hair. However in the TV show, the creators put Emily as a dark brunette, obviously lacking the signature green tint. Another point worth motioning, is another main character, Spencer's, hair color, and appearance. Spencer was made in the book to have long blond hair, just like her best friend Alison ( who was murdered in this series). It is known if you read the books, that Spencer and Alison shared a lot of physical traits, and they always had a competition for who had more boyfriends, who was a better sports player, ect.

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