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Luna's Wind.

By xXYourxRainXx, Lynchburg, VA

Chapter one:

"Run Luna! Run!", a voice cried out in the shadows of the woods. She turned around to see a wave of fire coming towards her. A sudden fear ran up then back down her spine. She sprinted down the narrow path deeper and deeper into the woods. Without seeing it her ankle became caught on a root of a tree coming out of the ground, and she fell to the ground. She turned around thinking she had escaped the flame, but as she slowly turned the flame went right against her.

"Ah!", Luna screams awakening from her sleep. She looked around very dazed and confused. Crack! Clank! Scrape! The sounds that make Luna hide in fear each time. "Luna! Get down here! Now!", a woman yelled. With a tear rolling down her cheek then neck Luna gets up, gets dressed, and goes out the door.

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