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The Big Day

Sharon G., boulder, CO By goldmansharone, boulder, CO

The rant I was on had started as soon as I got home from work, and seemed unlikely to cease. As my fist came down on the dresser for the hundredth time, I, yet again, shouted in a flurry of raised and angry words. Tina, my wife and soul mate, was patiently watching me.
“I’m telling you, Tina. I put my heart and soul into that job. It is unfair, outrageous, that Larry Stein got the raise instead of me. Three mere years he has contributed to the office. I’m a loyal, hardworking executive who has made so many sacrifices for the job!” I took a deep breath and readied myself to shout some more, but Tina clutched my arms to keep me from inflicting harm on any other form of furniture and gave me a firm stare.
“Relax, Jim. I know how disappointed you are. And maybe you did deserve the raise. But it’s time to calm down.

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