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The Unwanted Lesson

By DiamondsIntheGrass, Martinsville, NJ

It was one of those days that you were slightly glad that everything was normal, but wished that “normal” was different. Like, for instance, you were yelling at your classmate and he was yelling at you and it was two days before the due date of a huge project, and you guys hadn’t gotten anything done. But you were really glad that you didn’t live during the Great Depression. But you really wished that for that huge project, you could pick partners. And you definitely wouldn’t have picked him.

That’s what my day was like. It was a Wednesday, and I had started to daydream, and I dreamed it was Thursday. Then I started to wish it was Friday. And finally that terrible moment came when my teacher jerked me back to reality and reminded me it was a Wednesday. It was near the end of the school year, and I could find absolutely NO reason why we had to do this project when the report cards had already been written.

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