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By TheGothicGunslinger, Lakeland, FL

I know that I'm more than late to the party, but it's a crying shame that Firefly got canceled after only one season on the FOX network. Mixing together elements from sci-fi, westerns, and space operas, the show was truly unique and had a great and lovable cast of characters. Sadly, after a measly 14 episodes, the show was canceled for good with little to no hope of renewal. However, a few years later, Joss Whedon was finally able to create a legitimate finale for the show - Serenity. Taking place roughly a year after the events of the show, Serenity hopes to end Firefly in a much more cinematic and exciting way.

Picking up where the series left off, Serenity follows Malcolm Reynolds, an ex-soldier turned gunslinger, and his scrappy but lovable crew on the class Firefly ship, Serenity.

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