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Night of the Demon

By TheGothicGunslinger, Lakeland, FL

I'm not usually a huge fan of 1950's horror, but Night of The Demon certainly impressed me. Instead of using the typical B-horror concepts or cliches, the film is surprisingly mature and thoughtful with its subject matter. The film can still be quite cheesy, granted, but it's leagues better than any 1950's horror movie that I've ever seen. It's also interesting to note that, despite how obscure it is, the film has influenced several big-name directors, including Sam Raimi and his film Drag Me To Hell.

The film follows skeptical Dr. John Holden, a psychology major and paranormal debunker, that travels to Britain after the mysterious and gruesome death of Professor Henry Harrington. Though the police believe he was electrocuted by a fallen powerline, the locals and the late professor's niece, Joanna, think that darker and more sinister works were behind the professor's death.

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