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Twilight Child; Chapter Seven- Moment of Truth

By WinterMoon, Waynesburg, KY

Every thought seemed to make me feel like I was drowning. I looked around for the door, a door to somewhere. I saw the main office building, just the place I needed to go. I almost started to run, but caught myself for the second time this morning. I was beginning to realize how much I relied on my abilities in life. I slowly walked towards the door, my mind had almost started to relax when the blond boy I saw earlier was chasing after me. I had a feeling he would get used to this. His thoughts were vulgar, like his friends I saw in his mind, Tyler and Eric. They had all seen me, and discussed who would talk to me first. After a grave game of rock, paper, scissors, and some more arguing, the blond boy-whose name seemed to be Mike Newton- was now chasing me. He was at my side quickly, when his elbow touched mine, I took a step to the left, putting a couple feet of space between us.

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