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Insignificantly Significant

By Babylufin, Liberal, MO

Everyone feels abnormal. Everyone. So, you out there, reading this right now, don't deny it. You know in the pit of your stomach that you are positive there is something different about you, that no one understands the significance of who you are.
You are right. You are abnormal. You are different. Just like everyone else.
If you honestly think about it, everyone in this life is living the same life. We all have problems.
We all do the same things, just in different ways.
This life we live right now, is insiginificant. Insignificant. There is no point, other than to go along with it; to do what you have to to survive. Why, you ask, do we have to survive, though, if there is no point, no significance to this life?
I'll be truthful; I don't know. It's just what I'm told.

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