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Silver Eyes

By Colbynewbold93, Tigard, OR

The room was dark and horrid. Her body was strapped to the florescent table. Tubes and plug-ins were wrapped around her, connecting to her body. She was perfect; strong jaw, high cheekbones, slightly turned up nose, curved, black eyes brows, and long, black hair that was slightly curled but not frizzy. Her body was long and lanky but graceful and mature.

“When will she wake up?” asked the detective. He was short and old. Grey hair shadowed his face; a thick, white beard forming on his chin. He wore a silky, black suit and comfortable shoes. Next to him stood the doctor who was transfixed on the patient.

“Soon. She will wake up soon.” He was beautiful. His face, like the girls, was perfect with long angles and smooth skin. He was just like the girl.

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