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The Guardian; Chapter Two

By WinterMoon, Waynesburg, KY

The Guardian
Chapter Two

The only person Edward needed to be sheltered from right now was me. And if anyone was up for the duty of protector, it was me. But, in some ways it would be easier for me to protect Edward if he knew about me. But I had to encourage myself into thinking that I was I was just being self-centered. That took some hard work and commitment. But after several lengthy, agonizing minutes, I was convinced that I wouldn’t tell him, not today anyway. I looked out on the sunny, autumn day; it was beautiful, truly beautiful.
I could hear Elizabeth and Edward talking about rules from miles down the road, it seemed she had to take him to the doctor’s office for an injection and was walking him home. She had to go to the grocery store, but didn’t want to bring Edward, the reason being because he was not in the finest mood as a result of the visit with Dr.

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