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By xXYourxRainXx, Lynchburg, VA

My best friend
my brother practically
a robe
a chair
a wish
a horrible wish to end it all, to die, to leave everyone and everything.
Breatht no more
I can't get over this It's stained my
I gave you my all, I loved you
And you left me in the
Absence of all the dead souls
You left me in a sea of nothingness, blackness, you killed yourself.
I CAN'T accept that if I hope'll somehow, return?
I can't stand this empty bliss
It sickens me I can't float forever. But I can
Drown in thiss I can let the darkness overpower me.
You left to soon.
I love you, but I have to finaly say this...Ernie you are.....Dead.

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